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ATV RENTAL kawasaki 750

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Looking to rent ATVs for 2021 seasons? We've got you covered! At AAOFFROAD​,​ we offer premium ATV rentals delivered to your door and provide everything you need to get out on the trails. Enjoy pristine nature with your family and friends this winter. Our ATVs are yours for as long as you want so you can make the most of Canada’s natural playground. Explore the city’s inequivalent landscape on four wheels along touristic quad roads or trails starting in your own backyard. Escape the city closure's boredom in the outdoors​,​ the best stress reliever​,​ where you can freely breathe fresh air in an infinite open space. We have newly added the 2021 Polaris 850 Sportsman to our collection. Why buy when you can rent the latest recreational vehicles for a fraction of the price of a new one! If you don't know which trail to go to​,​ we are located right on the trails and can take you on a tour for as long as you want. To rent one of our vehicles please contact us through the platform.



kawasaki Brute Fore 750

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1. Vehicle Condition. I agree to return the above selected vehicle(s) in the same condition. All (vehicle(s)) will be inspected prior to and after above mentioned rental period as I received them in. Any damages to the vehicle(s) will result in non-reimbursement of my deposit. 2. Fuel Level. The vehicle(s) are delivered with a full tank, I agree to return the vehicle(s) with a full tank or the top-up will be deducted from my deposit. 3. Vehicle Return. I understand that returning the vehicle after above mentioned return date and time will result into partial of full non-reimbursement of my deposit. 4. Waiver. I recognize that operating above mentioned vehicle(s) exposes me and any other person operating them while the vehicle(s) are under my responsibility, to certain risks, dangers and hazards that may result in serious injury, disability, death or property damage. I consequently fully waive the vehicle(s)’ owner from any responsibility, liabilities, claims, damages, obligation to provide financial or other assistance or any causes of action whatsoever in case of any sort of bodily harm or death or property damage arising from handling, transporting or operating the vehicle(s). 5. Damage to Vehicle or Theft. I will be responsible for the cost of any damages occurred to the vehicle(s) while they are under my responsibility, resulting in non-reimbursement of my deposit or extra charges. In case of theft or if the owner determines the vehicle is salvage, I will have to pay the full price of the vehicle. Note that the renter is not allowed to get the vehicle repaired or tweak it in any manner without the owner’s consent and written approval. 6. Limits on Use. I understand that any person operating the vehicle(s), shall be at least 18 years old, carry a license of any class, and shall not be under the influence of alcohol, marijuana or any kind of intoxicants or drugs used with or without a prescription. 7. Passengers. The above-mentioned vehicles have a limit of one passenger. I understand that the vehicle(s) shall not be used to carry passengers in excess of the number of seats provided or outside of the passenger compartment. Prohibited Activities Violate any law, including: • Breach, violate any local, state, and provincial law • Post defamatory content on the vehicle • Infringe, reproduce any rental activities presented from us to third party Provide or Submit any false or misleading information including: • False name, date of birth, driver’s license, payment method, or any other personal information • At a time of a claim for e.g., a misleading information about the severity of the damage • Registering on behalf of anyone other than yourself • Impersonating any person or entity


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